The best method of getting around Izmir is to use a combination of walking and taxi hire to see everything on the itinerary.  Most of the attractions in the area, including the major nightlife options of Izmir ( ), are concentrated in small neighborhoods which are easily navigated on foot.  For example, the major center of Izmir’s nightlife is located on Alsancak Street, which is a small part of the waterfront neighborhood of Konak Square.   Visitors will find that walking along areas such as this is not only a convenient means of getting around but also a pleasant way of enjoying the city.

For those locations which are not as easy to reach on foot, travelers will generally find that taxi hire is the best way of getting around.  It can get a bit pricey, but it is considered better than car rental because the streets of Izmir are somewhat difficult to navigate for visitors who are not familiar with the area.  They are not clearly marked and directions from locals often include back streets which visitors may find hard to find. For those visitors who do wish to use a rental car in the area, they can be obtained at the airport upon arrival or within the city in downtown Izmir.