Alsancak is the neighborhood to know for exploring the nightlife in Izmir.  (See for additional information about this and other Izmir neighborhoods.)  It is here that travelers can go bar hopping all along the street in order to experience the range of different atmospheres offering by Izmir bars and clubs.

One of the favorite places to go there is the Open Air dance club.   However, almost every bar there offers something unique.  There are bars where live Turkish music can be heard (Cece is a top pick for that) and clubs where modern DJ’s are playing throughout the night (Ynside is a favorite).  The Kybele Rock Bar is one of the favorite spots among the younger adult crowd in Izmir.

The larger neighborhood around Alsancak is the Kordonboyu, a waterfront boardwalk throughout which there are numerous nightlife locations.  Travelers will find that evening exploration of this area should lead them to find the bars which best suit their styes.  Aside from Alsancak, one of the must-see places for Izmir nightlife is Asansor which is an outdoor bar located in a hillside restaurant. If you don't mind being one of the few foreigners around, a visit to Tourquoise restaurant and bar near the Crown Plaza hotel on summer evenings reveals a surprising choice of musical talents. Catering mostly to local tastes, prices are on the high side for the area.

Visitors seeking to explore Izmir’s nightlife should be aware of dress codes in the area.  For the most part, there is no formal dress code and travelers will find that they can go out in casual clothing.  However, the standard dress, especially for women, is not nearly as casual in Izmir as in many western countries so visitors may want to err on the conservative side until they see for themselves what is appropriate.