Entebbe is a small frontier Ugandan town that habours  Uganda's international Airport, the presidents, state house and multitudes of atrractions to local and foriegn tourist.it is situated on a pennusula just a short distance from the Equator it's one of the places with modest cool temperatures and weather, liked by almost everyone including visitor to Uganda.

Entebbe means a chair, in Luganda(spoken by Baganda people)and most of the local Bantu languages in Uganda. Prior to the colonial times, Entebbe was a water frontier point,  to the chiefdoms, kingdoms and places south of Buganda,across the then, Nalubale, as Lake victoria is locally Known, it was headed by a water spiritual chief called  Mugula, whose shrine or office were located amidist the rocky out crops, just 400meters behind the Entebbe air port runway. The local people then,called it Entebbe Za Mugula ( literally translated as the chairs of Mugula).

Every person entering or leaving Buganda Kingdom, had to report to him so that he consults the spirits to determine whether their journey will be safe if not, then he'd cleanse the traveller of the bad omen, and it was his duty to allow or deny  any foreigners entry to the kingdom, he is the one who granted all the early explorers- John Speak and Grant (1864), Morton Starnely, entry to Buganda. Later he recieved the first missionary,- Alexander Mackay (1877) of the Church missionary society of England and Later Br. Amans and Fr. Louderl.

Today this place locally called Kigungu has a  memonu