The number one reason to visit Hoi An is the monthly 14th Lunar Night when it is about the full moon time. To make sure that you visit during this time, consult the many online Chinese calendars to check when is the 14th of the lunar month when it is considered the full moon night in Hoi An.

During the 14th Lunar Night, the street lights in Hoi An Old Town are turned off and the whole town comes alive with the signature lanterns of Hoi An. The ambience turns surreal and romantic in this ancient town. Many locals from the surrounding districts travel to Hoi An during this night to enjoy the festive ambience and candle lanterns are sold by street peddlers for visitors to release on the river for good fortune. The sight of candle lanterns floating on the river is one not to be missed!

The 14th Lunar Night indeed is the best time to be in Hoi An when it is at its prettiest!

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