Cam Thanh Village is now a urban ward of Hoi An city. It is getting famous to be a new sightseeing and ecotourism village for all travelers who want to discover the rest part of Hoi An by bicycle. There are many nice traditional houses for visiting, travelers have a chance to join these activities under guideline of local people. Some places is able to visit on your road as below : 1. Tuan Lien eco farm where you can ask for a basket boat in the river, fishing a local net, enjoy the fresh seafoods in the fishing farm with nice view and open air. 2. On the middle of road you can find out Mr. Ho who alway on the rice field and take care a very nice water buffalo with 8 years old. You can ask him to ride his water buffalo as one unique time on your life. 3. Mr Nhi house located on the rice field, where you can stop for drinks on the hot days. During your relax on his house, he can show you some traditional tools of agricultural here as a small agricultural museum. 4. Madam Tu's fish sauce making house located near the wharf by the river, you can take a time to visit this house, you can see all family member of Madam Tu make the fish sauce by traditional way, it is much interesting ! Some western travelers can not breath by the smell here. You can rent a bicycle at 30.000 vnd for wholeday from Hoi An town and discover by your own way in this village. Hope you enjoy this eco village.