There are limited sports & activities offered in AND around Hoi An to keep visitors entertained. 

There is plenty to see around town with pagodas, churches, museums, markets, boats & old houses.  Activities for many are focused on shopping & eating. 

One of the best ways to get around Hoi An is by renting a bicyle for $1-2/day.  Stay on the side roads and sightsee amongst paddie fields and rivers or take a small ferry boat ride to local communities such as Cam Kim, Pottery Village, etc. 

Take a boat ride on the rivers to places such as pottery village, carpenty village or a day tour by boat to offshore Cham Islands.


Go snorkelling, scuba diving or kayaking off Cham Islands.

Go hiking on Cham Islands. 

Surfing & body boarding is possible durinbg Autumn & Winter with the best surfing month normally in November at the height of the monsoon season.   (Beware - currents are dangerous at other times of the year & swimming is NOT recommended!)