Vietnam is an extremely lush country, and this is owed in no small part to the seasonal rains. Located just north of the equator Da Nang’s climate is tropical, and mostly hot and humid with average temperatures ranging between 77°F and 92° F during the day throughout much of the year. It can be somewhat cooler at night. Even on the coldest days you’re likely to want to leave the jacket at home.

Rainy season is from September - November with the peaks of the rainy season beginning in October according to some sources. The reality is that the weather differs quite a lot between Saigon, Hanoi and Danang. The rainy season in Danang starts late September and stretches up to December. Daytime it can be a mix of sun and coulds with occasional drizzle while in the evenings heavy showers are flooding streets. Most people would disagree on when the rainy season officially starts due to the fact that there is no fixed date, it starts when it starts to rain, simple enough.

As the city is located well within the tropics you can expect regular rainfall throughout the year, and these while relatively short can be heavy. So you should plan on packing an umbrella. The wettest months are between September and December, which is the peak monsoon season in central Vietnam. There are lesser monsoons from January to March as well, and while April might be the rainy season in many parts of the United States, this is the driest month in Da Nang.

But except for the periods of heavy monsoons Da Nang is still often drenched with almost as much sun as rain, and this makes for a desirable year round getaway if you’re looking to hit the nearby beaches, or take in the jungles of South East Asia.