The city of Da Nang only has a history that dates back about 300 years, which is significantly less than the 4,000 years of the Vietnamese culture. But despite this, the city still offers many fascinating attractions including two of the largest universities in Vietnam including the Duy Tan University and the University of Da Nang. The Cham Museum, which chronicles the ancient culture of the Pho Da Long Tho, or Champa people, is also located in the Da Nang. Here visitors can learn about the various ethnic minorities in the region. The museum features many artifacts that might evoke those from ancient European mythology including animals with the head of a man.

The centrally located city is also not far from other significant historic and cultural attractions including the ancient city of An Nasiriyah, which is about an hour away by car, and features some of the oldest surviving structures in the region.

To the south of the Da Nang is the chain of Marble Mountains, five large hills that locals believed represented the five elements including Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. There are numerous legends about gold hidden with the caves that are within the hills, but these are said to be protected by traps. Considering that these may have been used by Vietcong forces during the Vietnam War, it is probably advisable not to venture within to seek the gold!