Here is the 2011 list of resorts and restaurants in Phan Thiet  (FYI - Mui Ne is a ward (District) of Phan Thiet. All of the resorts and restaurants listed under Mui Ne, except the Pandanus Resort are not located in Mui Ne ward, but they list under the name ‘Mui Ne’ as that is the name many tourists know. It is a marketing tool, not an accurate description of their location.) This is to help everyone be aware of where the resorts and guest houses are actually located along the 60 kilometers of Phan Thiet beach front and what listed restaurants are nearby.

A) Lagi - The Exotica Playa is located near Lagi, which is a town about 45 kilometers south of Phan Thiet.

B) Ke Ga – Located about 20 kilometers north of Lagi, Ke Ga is both a light house and tiny village. Just south of the light house is the Princess d’Annam Resort and Spa, then north of the light house are The Rock Garden Spa Resort and the Seaside Hut Resort (Now the Hana Beach Resort).

C) Tien Thanh – North of Ke Ga and south of the city center is Tien Thanh ward. There are many resorts here that are not listed on trip advisor, but the larger resorts are, from south to north, The Saigon Soui Nhum, the Sea Lion II Resort and Spa, the Golden Coast Resort and Spa, and the Sand Hills Resort.

C) Phan Thiet City - Inside the city proper are Doi Duong Hotel, the Park Diamond Hotel, the Novotel Ocean Dunes & Golf Resort, the Palms Phan Thiet and Doi Su Resort, plus Hai Thuy, Lau Bo Ba Bung and Phuong Vy Restaurants. Being in a relatively large city, (Population 200,000) there are many restaurants, shops and cafes within walking distance of the hotels.

D) Phu Hai – Due east of Phan Thiet city center (At this point, the coastline is east-west, not north-south) is a hilly area where the Cham Towers are located. Most resorts in Phu Hai ward have their own beach, some slightly rocky. From east to west are The Romana Resort & Spa, White Sands Resort, Phu Hai Resort, Amaryllis Resort, Lotus Muine Resort , Takalau Boutique Resort, Victoria Phan Thiet Resort and the Sea Links Beach Hotel and Golf Course (not on the beach).

E) Ham Tien - East of Phu Hai is Ham Tien Ward, made up of a sandy beach ten kilometers long. Coming from Phu Hai, the first resort on this beach is the Allezboo Beach Resort and Spa, then - in this order are; the Sea Lion Beach Resort & Spa, L’Anmien Mui Ne Resort & Spa, the Palmira Resort, the Seahorse Resort, The Beach Resort, Ocean Star Resort, Mui Ne Sailing Club, Bao Quynh Bungalows, Terracotta Resort, Bon Bien Resort, Cham Villas, Bamboo Village Beach Resort & Spa, Hawaii Beach Resort, The Swiss Village Resort, Vinh Suong Seaside Hotel, Mui Ne Hills Guesthouse (not on the beach), Small Garden, Sunsea Resort, Dragon Fly Guest House (not on the beach), Ngoc Bich (Beach Break), C-Cells Guest House (not on the beach), the Blue Ocean Resort, Saigon Mui Ne Resort, Coco Beach Resort, Thuy Thuy Resort (not on the beach), Suoi Tien Mui Ne Resort, Sunny Beach Resort, Wind Champ Resort, Sunrise Resort, Hiep Hoa Resort, Sunshine Beach Hotel, Full Moon Resort, Vietnam-Austria House (Now the Backpackers resort), Paradise Huts Chez Nina, Paris Mui Ne Plage, Tien Dat (Blue Waves) Resort, Novela Mui Ne Resort & Spa, and Shades Resort Apartments.

This is the center of the beach at Ham Tien. At his point the beach curves slightly towards the south. The following resorts are located at the western end of Ham Tien: Salina Resort, Minh Tam Resort, Hai Yen Family Resort, Bien Dua Resort, Tien Phat Beach Resort, Hoang Kim Golden, Dynasty Mui Ne Beach Resort, Grace Boutique Resort, Sinh Café, Mai Am Guest House, The Watering Hole Resort, Hotel One & Ten (not on the beach), Oriental Pearl (Hoang Ngoc) Resort. East of Hoang Ngoc, the name of the street changes from Nguyen Dinh Chieu to Huynh Thuc Khang. However, it is the same street. The last resorts in Ham Tien, before reaching Mui Ne are Little Mui Ne Cottages, Mui Ne de Century, Hai Au Resort, Lucy Resort, Thai Hoa Resort, Canary Beach Resort,  and TL Suntan Hostel.

The listed restaurants in Ham Tien are…from west to east… Sago Restaurant, Déjà vu, Hong Hanh, Sandals (In the Sailing Club), Luna Italian Restaurant, Yen Gia Quan, Peaceful Family Restaurant, Shree Ganesh, Good Morning Vietnam, Forest Restaurant, Hoang Vu, Chasseur Blanc, Champa Restaurant (In the Coco Beach Resort), Mui Ne Health Bar, Sen, Hoang Vu #2, Snow Restaurant and Bar, Vietnam Home Restaurant, Sankara, Ngoc Suong, Lam Tong, Waikiki Restaurant, Joe’s Café, Lap Thao, Quan Bo Ke (On the beach at the center of Ham Tien), Pogo Bar, La Taverna, La Paillotte, Café Mui Ne, Song Huong, Phat Hamburgers and Saigon Café.

F) Mui Ne – East of Ham Tien is Mui Ne, which is a town as well as a cape (Mui means cape in Vietnamese). The town of 22,000 people covers the entire west side of the cape. Located on a long sandy beach on the east side of the cape are the Mui Ne Bay Resort, the Malibu Resort Hotel and the Pandanus Resort . About five kilometers northeast of the town of Mui Ne, but still in Mui Ne ward is Nuoc Soui Beach, a beautiful white sand beach with a number of older small resorts and a brand new luxurious resort called Full Moon Village.

Hope this helps you all to find the right resort and restaurant.