Travel to the northern provinces of Zambia is currently inadvisable, particularly in the Luapula Province and the Northern Province near the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), as uncontrolled militia groups operate in these areas. Landmines at the eastern, southern, and western borders of Zambia make any off-road travel highly inadvisable, so save your adventure for the falls.

Crime in Zambia is rampant and as always, tourists are especially desirable prey for armed criminals. If you're arriving in Lusaka to begin your adventure to Victoria Falls, be cautious and maintain awareness of your surroundings and your luggage at all times. Muggings and petty thefts abound in and around the cities, including Lusaka, and armed carjacking seems to be a specialty of the thugs. If you're driving, pay no attention to supposedly distressed motorists and keep your doors locked and money bags out of sight. Travel at night is particularly unsafe, both in the cities and on the more rural roads beyond. Though road conditions in Zambia are generally hzardous and in poor repair, throughout the country, because of Victoria Falls status as a major tourist attraction, you'll find that the roads from Lusaka to Livingstone are maintained year-round.

Though perhaps it goes without saying, if you're planning any white-water activities below Victoria Falls, keep them to the months from July to January. February through June is the Zambezi River's high-water season, and many tourists have lost their lives during this time.