There is very little to see or do in Nikko town other than to bypass it on your 2km walk to the Toshogu Shrine complex. As expected the limited shopping and eating activity hums around the Tobu Nikko station. As you walk to the shrine, watch out for that dusty yoshoku (western) diner on the left with its equally gray plastic food displays. A real highlight of the walk.

 Nikko Historical Walks - Get the real feel of  Nikko, combine Historical Interest with pleasant walking

For visitors to Nikko who like to combine walking with places of Historical Interest, the Nikko Tourist Association produces a small, coloured, very detailed pamphlet of walks marked with places of Historical Interest along the routes; Nikko Historical Walks is a free pamphlet  available from Tourist Information centres in the town or online

The pamphlet shows circular walking routes as well as toilet locations, bus stops,  and natural drinking water fountain locations throughout Nikko town.  It is crammed with details and thumbnail photos of the historical locations and the distance between these locations, it covers popular shrines and temples and other popular attractions with the outdoor locations along the river, through the Nikko residential areas, and cedar forest areas above the town.

The comprehensive  website for detailed planning of Nikko tourist attractions is Nikko Tourist Association Guide