Overall, Kenya has a very hot and dry climate. Because Malindi is on the coast, however, there is a nice breeze that comes in and generally keeps the temperatures lower than they are in other parts of the country. When you are on the water the temperature can be almost as low as ten degrees cooler than when you are just a mile inland. It's hard to say exactly what the best time of year to go would be because no matter when you go it is going to be hot. In the winter the temperatures dip a bit and it rains a little bit more. Still, you are most likely to encounter a lot of days of sunshine. There are also things to keep in mind depending on your preference of when visiting. In the spring there can often be a bit more tourists in the area, but you usually won't have a trouble getting a hotel room or any other accomodations. If you want to check on the weather, you can click here and find out what it will be like.