List of famous food to be found in Johor

Nasi Briyani Gam:- Nasi Briyani Gam are specialty in batu pahat johor. It is rice cook with malaysian herbs and spice, very aromatic and mouth watering.

Mee Bandung:- Mostly famous from Muar, some restaurant even name the dishes mee bandung muar to let the customer knows that their mee bandung is indeed special. It is a dish of yellow mee with special gravy ussualy have slices of beef, prawns, dried shrimps, together with crushed peanuts.

Asam Pedas Lada Hitam:- This is a lunch time dish, ussually found in mix rice stall. This dish is specially for few kind of fish only such as catfish. The extra ingredient in this dish are the black pepper and daun kesum. 

Non Halal Food:

a) Bakuteh: This is one kind of Chinese food that famous in Malaysia and Singapore with Chinese herbs+Pork ribs in soup style. In Johor Bahru there are few famous Bakuteh Restaurant as follows: 1) Soon Huat Bakuteh (順發肉骨茶): Near Sentosa area. 2) 木清肉骨茶, near Lion City very close to JB CIQ building. 3) Tampoi Bakuteh: near Tampoi old street close to Angsana Plaza. 4) 古來世華肉骨茶: Johor Jaya Rosmerah area.(The original shop is at Kulai area)

b) Beef Noodle: There is one shop at Johor Jaya Bakawali area call Pandan Beef ball shop is very famous and delicious, they serve the noodle with beef ball with clear soup and their chili sauce also good taste.