What YOU Must Know About Langkawi!



Langkawi, Mystical Isles In The Sun.


Verdant greenery arching over crystal clear waters, majestic boulders reaching skyward, yawning caves whispering of fables and adventures-this is magical Langkawi.

Taking its name from the russet eagles that soar over its colorful landscape, this legendary island is a spectacular tropical paradise. Surrounded by 99 gorgeous islets, this palm-fringed gem attracts visitors from all over the world who come to bask in its bright sunlight and mystical aura.

The charming town of Kuah located in the south-east of island, is the main entry point to Langkawi, which boasts a good range of hotels and shopping complexes. A duty-free shopping port, Langkawi offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy premium goods at attractive prices. Above all, Langkawi is famed for its intriguing legends, dazzling beaches and stunning underwater world.

The most popular legend of Langkawi is that of Mahsuri, a tale of a virtuous maiden, wrongly persecuted, who in tragic death proves her innocence. This tale is strongly associated with the island and remains its most beloved.

For sunbathers and beach-lovers, the main Langkawi island offers many superb and surprisingly costy choices.

The popular Pantai Cenang, one of the liveliest strips on Langkawi, is packed with an abundance of quaint restaurants and charming accommodation, from rustic huts to elegant 5-star hotels. This lively beachfront is a major hotspot for the young and active. Pantai Tengah, to the south, offers a good range of souvenir shops and quality lodgings.

Driving north past these two fine beaches is Pantai Kok, one of the most scenic beaches on the island. It is home to the newly constructed Telaga Harbour Park. Yachts dock in the blue overlooking a boulevard lined with cosy cafes and bistros. The secrets come alive at night, with twinkling lights on the water and Latin music drifting across the harbour.

Further north is the Datai Bay, a secluded and exclusive stretch of prime beach that offers serenity. This quiet inlet is a favourite retreat for honeymooners seeking the pleasures of a tranquil cov, away from the crowds.

Tanjung Rhu is probably Langkawi’s most scenic beach. At dusk when the cobalt sky is streaked in burnished amber and rivulets of deep mauve creeps across the firmament, reflecting in calm seas, the smooth cape draws vacationers to her water’s edge, in search of that perfect sunset. And no one would be disappointed; the lights shift across Tanjung Rhu painting a magnificient canvas of moving colours, effervescent and surreal.

This cape is home to Gua Cerita or the Cave of Legends, steeped in fascinating ancient fables.
Visible from Kuah are the islands of Tuba and dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden). Tuba is ringed by numerous fishing villages, proffering glimpses into traditional Malay rural life in all its picturesque tranquility.

To the west of Tuba, the island of Dayang Bunting rises majestically, the main attraction here is the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden.

According to folklore, the water of Dayang Bunting is renowned for its miraculous powers. As with other places in Langkawi, this place tells many tales, one of which narrates a tragedy of a celestial princess who married an earthly prince.

According to legend, her child died soon after its birth and was buried in the lake. Before returning to her celestial abode, she blessed the waters so that any childless woman who bathed in the lake would conceive thereafter. The hill that cups this extraordinary lake resembles a pregnant lady reclining in the sun.

Apart from its fascinating folklore, this fresh water lake set 250 metres above a steep flight of steps, proffers a serene escape. Separated by a border of natural rocks and surrounded by ancient rainforest, the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden is a favourite frolicking ground.

Visitors plunge into cool inviting waters, recline in paddle boats or scream along on banana boats. An unusual attraction here is the catfish massage. For a bag of fish bites, the resident catfish will happily slither between wriggling toes, soothing tired soles.

Some of the visitors actually do meet really big Jellyfish. This is a less inspiring moment. Warning messages to be found at the beach.

Just nearby, Pulau Singa Besar is home to one of the largest aeries on the island. Nestling in the thicket, the graceful Brahminy Kites Eagles, proud symbols of langkawi, await feeding time. Everyday, tour operators bring boat loads of visitors to watch the spectacles. As chicken bits are hurled into the waters, eagles can be seen dipping, swooping and circling gloriously to retrieve their meat.

The sight of the powerful creatures with their talons extended, gliding across the waters is truly breath-taking.

To the west of Pulau Singa Besar is Pulau Beras Basah or the Isle of Wet Rice. Aptly named, this striking island boasts a gleaming coastline, like a field of vivid ivory rice. Azure waters lap the luminous shores framed with casuarina trees, where parasailing enthusiasts take to the skies, leaving behind cheering crowds. A popular water-sports site, Pulau Beras Basah plays host to hundreds of tourists daily, all geared up for a splash.

The cluster of islands that make up Langkawi from passages which meander between impressive rock formations creating a watery labyrinth sparkling in the warm sunlight. A boat ride along the coasts reveals stunning vistas of pristine isles resplendent in emerald foliage, each with a special secret.

For scuba-divers and snorkeling enthusiasts, Pulau Payar Marine Park, is the ideal venue, revealing a world of stunning colours unfurling in dreamy wisps. Just 19 nautical miles off Langkawi, the park comprises the islands of Payar, Kaca, Lembu and Segantang.

Blessed with a shallow surrounding seabed, Pulau Payar is a idyllic coral garden, showcasing exquisite vistas of breath-taking emerald corals, towering pagoda corals, swirling brain corals and magnificent sea anemones.

The translucent waters of this underwater kingdom are studded with amazing coral fortresses swarming with colliding schools of ravenous Bumphead Parrotfish, active Titan Triggers fish, grazing Bird Wrasse, shifty Groupers and fierce Damselfish.

The ancient reefs, developed over billions of years teem with Butterfly fish, Angel fish, clown fish, Humbug Dascyllus and Blue Green Chromis. Amongst colonies of vibrant algae-spun corals, Indo-Pacific Sergeant, Moray eels, Blue Spotted Sting Rays and Giant Clams weave their way between lion fish, Boxer Shrimps, Sweet Lips, Goat fish and Bat fish. Some of the larger fish observed here are the Chevron, Blackfin, Pickhandle and Great Barracuda.

Many tours operators organize tours to this park, where black trip reef sharks are a big attraction. These sleek creatures forage corals in search of juicy morsels. The graceful reef sharks are comfortable amongst humans, and pose no threat.

In the deeper waters, divers may spot other amazing wonders, such as the Whitetip, Silvertip and Grey reef sharks, Nurse sharks, Hammerheads and Leopard sharks as well as Whale sharks, which are the largest known fish.

For those who wish to observe from a far, Langkawi Coral, a highly specialized tour operator, has a pontoon anchored amidst the islands, where an underwater chambers offers a close-up peek into this tantalizing world.
Another option is the glass bottom boat, which allows tourists to view the fascinating marine life from above.

The legendary island of Langkawi, with its stunning coves, secluded bays and mystical islands casts a spell over all who seek its natural splendours.

Enjoy your holiday...