The main options for getting around the island of Langkawi are by car, motorbike, bus or taxi. 

            There are numerous car rental agencies available on Langkawi, many of which will have agents swarming the jetty to push their automobiles onto tourists arriving at the Kuah dock.  Cars are fairly cheap during the low season, ranging from RM50 – RM120 per day.  During the high season expect to pay substantially more.  Driving is fairly laid back on the island because of the scarce traffic, with the main hazards being muddy roads and the occasional water buffalo crossing.  Reserving a rental ahead of time is not necessary, as there are plenty available year round.            

            Motorbikes are a great means for exploring the island.  The rates are much cheaper than cars (rates up to 30RM during peak season), but they are more dangerous.  There are plenty of rental agencies on the island.  Make sure to always drive with caution (as the roads are not the world’s best), and wear a helmet.

            There are no public busses operating on Langkawi,

            Taxis are a great way of getting around the island, but the rates are often expensive.  Short trips can cost as much as RM5 to RM10.