Kuantan is a great destination if you're going for the beaches. If you've got adventure on your mind, however, you'll have to step outside the town's boundaries, as Kuantan is small and can be absorbed in a short time. Visit nearby fishing villages to get a taste of local life (and maybe some seafood).

If the thought of camping entices you, a great day (and night) trip into Pahang's lush rainforests will be a memorable way to spend your time. You can hire an experienced and friendly nature guide in Kuala Lampur and head into the trees. Don't go without your camera. Also, you may be able to arrange tours to Kuantan's surrounding attractions, through your hotel, unless you want to strike out on your own. In that case, get yourself a really good map of the area.

Lake Chini is actually a grouping of 12 lakes about 40 miles southwest of Kuantan. Legend has it that an ancient city is buried beneath its surface, though expeditions to prove this have accomplished nothing. Tour boats are available to ferry you to island villages where you can witness the lives of indigenous people.

About 4 hours out of Kuantan are the Panching Cave and the Pandan Waterfall, where your thirst for natural beauty will be quenched. Go on a semi-private turtle-watching tour at one of the world's largest nesting sites on Chendor Beach in Cherating, another four hours or so from Kuantan. May to September is the best time to book a tour.

Get yourself to Mersing and hop a ferry to Tioman island for a day of exploration and maybe a night at one of its many accomodations.