If you're not picky or snooty, finding affordable food in KK is not that difficult. The food courts mentioned in the Dining Overview are usually the bargain places, as people go to eat there as a matter of daily life. Very popular is the Economy Rice" concept. You go over to the person standing by the rice bucket and collect your plate of rice. You then meandre past the startling array of dishes arranged nearby, buffet style. You take as much or as little of whatever you want.

Once you're done, the waiter will eye your collection with a trained eye and, with a formula as guarded as the Colonel's secret recipe, will calculate your meal. But even a big plate of food will rarely cost more than RM8. The food, however, often has "fried" (or in Malay, "goreng") in its name and can be quite rich and oily. Healthier food comes at a price.

The Boardwalk from the Promenade Hotel to Wawasan Plaza
A stretch of walkway, which is a beautiful spot to appreciate the sun setting over the islands from, it starts from the Promenade Hotel and ends just past Wawasan Plaza.  This area is littered with little stalls that serve a variety of local cuisine at very affordable prices.  They include local favourites like Mee Goreng (Fried Mee), Char Kuey Teow (Fried Kuey Teow) and Nasi Lemak (rice with some interesting and tasty side dishes). Stalls open early and stay open till late.

Tanjung Aru Beach
"For the People of Sabah" it says as you approach this collection of formalised informal hawker stalls.  Here, under one roof, you can sample all the dishes from stalls you may pass on the road and are too affraid to stop at to try.  Serving anything from steamed corn on the cob, through lamb and beef satay's to a fine dining restaurant, they have it all.  Most items are in the region of RM1 or RM2, but the food from the Sugar Bun section or the fine dining might be a smidgen more.  It's located along the road to the Shangri La's Tanjung Aru Resort and is a big complex which is hard to miss.  It has some pretty decent views over the beach and nearby islands too. It's open all day.

Viet Cafe
This is one place that serves cheap, healthy food.  Their dishes are rice and noodle based which are non-greasy and tasty. Items on the versatile menu ranges from RM3 to RM8. It's located across the road from Wisma Merdeka, the shopping centre located beside Hyatt Hotel. Viet Cafe has a simple green and red neon sign and is located to the left of the 7/11. It's open from 10am till 9pm.

Malaysia Nasi Ayam
Or if you will, Malaysian Chicken Rice (chicken = ayam, rice = nasi).  Opposite one of the entrances to the Centrepoint Shopping centre is McDonalds, but ignore it and walk past to the left.  First you will encounter Singapore Chicken Rice, always busy and a little further along is the Malaysia Nasi Ayam.  Pretty much the same product line, but the difference? Not su Anyway, at Malaysia Nasi Ayam you can get a generous helping of rice and steamed, chopped chicken with an iced Milo for around RM8.  Sufficient meal, great price.

More to follow....