Flic and Flac: Paradise

First of all: Don't be afraid of traveling to Mauritius in the rain season. In January/February you can expect extremely (normal for the Mauritians:) hot weather and maybe 10 minutes of hard rain a day. Perfect because the air get`s so much clearer after the rain!

The little village Flic and Flac on the west coast of the island is a perfect starting point both if you want to explore more of the island, or just hang around on the fantastic beach and just enjoy life on a paradise island. The town of Port Lois is not far away.

The beach in Flic and Flac has been crowned as the best (for snorkeling, quality and more) in the whole Mauritian island! The best things about the beach are:

1. No crowds - The beach is gigantically long and the coral sand is wonderful both on- and offshore. You may only see about 50 persons on about 3 km of beach! So don't be afraid of bringing a large towel!

2. The water - The fishes offshore are absolutely stunning and beautiful and the corals are too... If you swim just 10 meters out and sprinkle some coconut around you in the water, thousands of colorful fish comes along to check you out!

3. The food scene -  Many interesting restaurants along the beach, so get out of your hotel and enjoy the local scene.  For more information, see the Flic En Flac dining scene page.

Places to Stay

You might consider to book your stay at an apartment complex, it's cheaper and you get much more in contact with the locals. There are lots of other options in TripAdvisor's Flic En Flac pages, too

Another great thing about Mauritius is the locals here are the most friendly and helpful people you will ever meet. Just remember to be polite (say "halo" and "tank you", in french if you like) and they will always have a smile for you. Also notice there are no beggars on the streets, although the majority of the population is poor. You see a lot of poverty, especially if go out on the countryside or up in the mountains. If you are traveling with kids, just remember; some things aren't all that beautiful, even if you are on a island in the Indian ocean.

Another thing is all the stray dogs... and that is NOT fun. The treatment of many animals is so cruel that it's no use writing it. But they are not dangerous because they are so afraid of humans. If you are like many other people and don't think much of this, you might save some left overs after restaurant visits and give them on the way home, or give them the left overs from your beach snack.

But all in all, Mauritius is pretty close to perfect and if you have the opportunity, Go!

Good luck and have a nice stay in paradise...