Panama boasts tropical maritime weather year round and Boquete is no exception. The traveler should expect days to be hot  and humid. You will need to apply sun screen with SPF levels above 45. Use a hat. Because of the high levels humidity, people with allergy problems might experience reactions.

The average temperature is 20 degrees C/ 75 F. Temperatures are mild year round. When you go to the highest points expect temperatures to decrease and reach the 10 degrees C.

Remember to pack an umbrella.Rain is unexpected although there is a rainy season that goes from April to December. And there is the Bajareque, the fine rain that feels like a light breeze. Be prepared for some mosquito trouble and apply repellent as necessary.  

Nights are particularly cool, specially in Boquete as it is in the mountains near the dormant Baru Volcano.  

To better understand and monitor the weather, seasons and Climate of the District of Boquete, Panama, visit  and read the "Climate" section.