Located in just north of the equator, and thus deep within the tropics the weather of Colon is about as tropical as you can get. This means hot daytime temperatures and warm to cool evenings. The region doesn’t experience much in the way of seasons, except to say that there is a dry season and a wet season. The temperature seldom dips below the low 70s, but daytime highs can often exceed 90 degrees.

The dry season is actually in the winter, but is called the “verano” or “summer,” and no matter what the calendar says, the temperatures are in the upper 80s to low 90s during day, with only light rainfall from December through April.

The “summertime” months of April to November is the rainy season, and seasonal storms can blanket the nation in heavy afternoon thunderstorms and occasional evenings with light continued rainfall. It is worth noting that Panama lies below the main path of hurricanes, so while the rain can be heavy it lacks the intensity of the Caribbean hurricanes. The temperatures aren’t affected much by the rain, but the humidity can tend to be very high following these intense rainfalls. Located on the Caribbean coast, Colon gets significantly more summertime rain than that of the Pacific.