Taboga Island

One of the things often heard on Taboga Island is "there is nothing to do!"  In reality, however, there's plenty to do.  There are several good hikes, The Spanish Cross, The 3 Crosses, The Summit. Nice strolling options, and it is quite historic. Photo opportunities are numerous. Meeting locals is fun. Beachcombing is GREAT. Some TripAdvisor members have reported finding old glass from the pirate era, and who knows--if you're very lucky you may even find some old artifacts to rival the  treasure on display Panama Canal Museum in Casco Viejo. Swimming is nice, no big currents. Boating. Fishing off the pier or with a local fisherman.

Festivals are fun there and VERY small town. Carnival is cute, and safe, not overwhelming.

Taboga Island is a place where you can still experience a real community, and a Panama that existed years ago. A quiet and quaint place to stay for 1 night or 3 nights or much longer if that is your style.

Yes, it is true, there is very little to do at night, singles action is sparse, restaurants are very limited,  no shopping to speak of.  There is sometimes trash on the beach which mostly gets dropped by ships and people using the beach, although there is a beach clean up committee.

But you will return to the mainland relaxed unless you are looking for action, shopping, fine dining, and if that's the case, Taboga is not for you.  It is for those who like quiet, old fashioned, small tropical island getaways, not resorts, with very little stress getting there.