Taxis and rental cars are both available to visitors while visiting the city of Davao .  Both of these options have certain advantages as well as disadvantages over one another.

            Most people who visit Davao will arrive at the Davao International Airport , which is a fifteen minute drive from the city center.  Upon arriving, travelers have two options for getting to the city: Either renting a car or taking a taxi.

            Having a personal vehicle on the island of Mindanao allows for the most freedom and flexibility in exploring the area.  However, before deciding to get behind the wheel of an automobile, make sure to check out this Driving in the Philippines page for some useful information.  There are numerous rental car agencies around Davao .  This Trip Advisor: Deals page has a list of four major companies renting vehicles in the city.    

            Taxis are readily available around the city, and are easily flagged down on the sides of major roads.  There are two types of taxis available, which are air conditioned, and non-air conditioned, with fares being slightly higher for the former.  Fares can be determined by meters, and also by negotiating.  If the meter is not turned on, make sure to agree on a price before beginning a journey.  Because many drivers do not speak English, it is wise to carry around a map with the desired destination circled.

            For alternative methods for getting around the city, check out the Trip Advisor: Public Transportation page.