Cebu is fondly called the Queen City of the South by Filipinos all over the country. It is best known to be the source of the best mangoes as well as the best guitars. A little-known fact was that Eric Clapton even bought a guitar here for himself. 

Just to give a brief background of the city;


  • Cebuanos are highly regionalistic. That means they are very proud of their craft; from guitars, to local bands, and designers. Since Cebuanos speak a dialect, Bisaya; they insist on speaking this to just about anyone (except foreigners, of course). But if someone from the National Capital Region (Manila), speaks to them in Tagalog (dialect in Manila- national language as well); they would rather reply in English than speak Tagalog. This can be attributed to the fact that Cebuanos - more often than not - speak a dismal Tagalog, so they are "ashamed" to speak it. Cebuanos also are a very proud people; they don't aspire to act like someone from Manila. (Which is often the case for people from other parts of the country).  They think highly of themselves and show this by "loving their own"; which explains the refusal to speak Tagalog.
  • Cebuanos are the hardest to please; when it comes to musical performances. It is often said that when a band becomes famous in Cebu; it will surely be popular in any other part of the country. Cebuanos are not generous with applause and only applaud with gusto for performers that they think deserve their applause. Otherwise, it's just the cricket sound that you're gonna hear.
  • Cebuanos are stereotyped negatively because of the way they speak the national language. Bisaya sounds "angry" when spoken and when a Cebuano attempts to speak the softer, mellower Tagalog, the results are quite disconcerting. On the other hand, a positive stereotype is that Cebuanos are gifted musicians OR great boxers. Usually, when someone meets a Cebuano; it is not surprising to hear this; "So, you must play a mean guitar."


  • Think of Cebu as the Miami of the Philippines. All-year round, except during typhoons; the city is usually sunny and hot; at times, it is hotter there than other parts of the country. In turn, people usually wear light clothes especially during summer.  


  • Cebuanos worship the Saint; Santo Nino and every 3rd Sunday of January, the Sinulog Festival is commemorated. Each year, the fiesta becomes more lavish and commercialized. For locals, its a long weekend of non-stop street parties. A lot of tourists go to Cebu to be a part of this street dancing festival. Traditionally, this festival is celebrated in remembrance of the Christianization of Cebu as their Pagan Queen accepts the statue of Santo Nino from the Spaniards; who brought the Roman Catholic faith.
  • Cebu is also called "Reggae Country" by music enthusiasts. Reggae is widely appreciated and this is the only place in the country where the Bob Marley Day Festival is celebrated.
  • In the local music scene, Cebuanos are very well-known to be innovators; whether in styles or work ethic. Since the Cebuano audience is usually impatient and at first hostile, rock bands have learned how to tune their instruments efficiently and play an amazing gig to please the crowd. This in turn, sets them apart when they make it to the nationwide scene since they have become efficient and outstanding.

Lifestyle and Work

  • Cebu is teeming with call centers and BPO companies. Almost all young graduates go to these industries to work.
  • Cebu has a more laid-back lifestyle and enjoys the advantage of having beaches only 30 minutes away from the city. It has the perfect combination of the cosmopolitan life and the beach relaxation that most people are looking for.