Lapu Lapu City, is located on the Island of Mactan.  Lapu Lapu City is the main city for the Island of Mactan. Named after the famous Cheiftan Lapu Lapu, who defeated  Portuguese  explorer Ferdinand Magellan.  With a population of around 300,000, its a Mecca of industrial strength. Containing Mepz 1 and Mepz 2 industrial parks.   Although not a lot of tourist activities are located within the City of Lapu Lapu, it holds a great cultural experience waiting to be discovered.

You will find most of  The Things to Do in Lapu Lapu are associated with the major beach resorts of Mactan Island, and of course The Jungle Cultural Entertainment Center in Maribago. But with in the City itself you can find a lot of local places in which a traveler looking for the true pinoy lifestyle can find interesting.  The following places would be great to check out in the main city of Lapu Lapu.

* The Lapu Lapu City Local Public Market  -   You can find all different kind of street vendors selling anything from dried fish, to expensive watches.  The market holds a vast array of every kind of consumer items you could imagine.  You will see many street kids,  and a busy bustling place full of people making deals,  and no deals.   NOTE :  This of course is a public market so foreigners be careful and keep you wallet in your front pocket, be careful of people getting close and lot of contact. Watch the street children, and be smart...  Of course be ready to get overcharged the tourist price for most items in the market. Great opportunity to ride on one of Philippines famous Tri Cycle, with a side car. 

* Uni Top Mall -  A small mall in comparison to what tourist are used to.  But a great opportunity to witness how hard working poverty class people spend their money and how they shop.  Get ready for the crowd, its always crowded.  Great deals, but most items are of poor quality.  But do what they say,  " when in Rome --------"