Welcome to the beautiful city of Iloilo !!!

If you arrive here, it pays to know basic Ilonggo words like salamat (thank you), kumusta (how are you) and some other simple ones for small conversation. Ilonggos are are highly literate but shy people. If you talk to them in English and they don't answer you, it does not mean they could not understand. It's just that they are somewhat shy to foriegn people. Don't be offended if they just keep on smiling at you and don't speak a word when being asked. A little patience on your part is being asked. Ilongos are very hospitable and accommodating people. They would go a long way to help a newcomer to a place. Be also warned of some scoundrels who mix with the good ones.     

Aside from the regular tourist spots, there are many more to be discovered in this historic city. The city public markets are home to very beautiful local products. Ilonggo food specialties can also be found here. You could also get to know more about Ilonggo history by visiting the different public plazas. Each of the six districts here have their own to offer you from foods to historic places, souvenir items and experience. 

ti, kadto kamo sa iloilo. sigurado malipay gid kamo..kilita-ay kita ha! 

(So, please come over to iloilo. You will surely enjoy yourself. See you!)