Tours of season:

What to do in Saint-Petersburg in Winter except of visiting the Winter palace? seems there are good ideas how to use cold weather with pleasure, and turn coldness of north to real Winter Fairytale....

Do you plan your visit to Saint-Petersburg in winter? What a wonderful idea to see Russian New Year or Maslenitsa, to be congratulated by Father Frost and Snowmaid, to explore Russian winter entertainments such as ice fishing, skiing, skating, snowboarding, snowmobiling, huskies, Russian troika with sledge, Russian banya with contrasts of steam and snow.

And not only that! If you come in winter to Saint-Petersburg, you have a chance to visit Russian Village and Chukotka at once! And the most adventuresome of you can spectate or participate in the reality game "Break of the Blockade of Leningrad"!  And for sure, by the chance being in the city you will have time for visiting its famous museums. To tell you secretly, there are no awful lines in the museums in winter, and theaters of Saint-Petersburg do their best indeed in that time!