St Petersburg is becoming a popular tourist destination for Russians and foreigners. There are direct flights from Europe and UK, but flying from other parts of the world still requires a stopover in Europe or Moscow. Pulkovo airport, located about 10 miles south of the city, serves international flights. The city center can be reached by official airport yellow cabs (taxi), limousine service or public bus. (read more "St.Petersburg airport")

Make sure you allow plenty of time for your departure! Security lines, even at 5:00 AM, can take 45 minutes or more. Additionally, flight check-in closes absolutely 40 minutes before the start of the flight, as the ground crew moves from flight check-in to move to the gate area.

Trains from Finland or Moscow are frequent and very comfortable with prices varying according to the type of the seat. There are two types of the trains from Moscow to St.Petersburg: slow overnight train (about 8 hours) or fast speed "Sapsan" train that takes only about 4 hours to get from one city to the other and runs few times a day. Local trains ticket sale starts 45 days in advance and according to the new rule (from 2013) prices go up closer to the departure date. 

Another, more exciting option is arriving by a ferry from Scandinavia or a cruise ship. Tourists arriving by these means are eligible for a 72-hours visa-free stay in St.Petersburg (read more "3 days no visa Russia").

Saint-Petersburg public transportation (read "Public transportation") is convenient and very safe, but, as in any big city, take your precautions against pick-pockets and such.