Just like in every city, St Petersburg nightlife is consists of completely different types of bars and clubs. Whether you just want to get a drink or dance all night long, it’s all here. This city never sleeps and never has boring nights, there is always a place open full of people. Most places expect you to pay to get in, although some places use what is here called as face control, the meaning is just like it sounds, if you look beautiful you get in for free, if not, sometimes you don’t get in at all. Although just like in all other aspects, bribes do work. Of course you can always reserve a table, there are two different types of tables, one where you pay a certain amount for the table and then you are able to order food and drinks for the money you paid, so called Deposit table, and other where you just pay for the table and everything else is extra.

Glamorous nightlife:  These clubs are usually consist of the same people that go from one club to another throughout the night and the casual few that were able to get in. There is usually a big crowd at the door wanting to gain entrance, with strict front door policy. Once inside you will find the most beautiful girls and people that are trying very hard to show off. Tourists get the same treatment as everyone else. Unlike most other places, here if you pass the front door the entrance is free.

ХХХХ Lenconcert ( Kamenoostrovsky 11A) - $$$

So far the last and most popular hotspot in the city. This XXXX bar does not look like any of the ones you may have visited. This place has very strict front door policy so be prepared to be on some kind of guest list or have friends to get in. Table reservations are not very expensive here and are recommended.

Once a high class restaurant Leningrad, the place has not changed much except for a few bars being added. The place itself is huge, bigger than any other clubs and bars. Asides from the strict front door policy, inside the place is very laidback and fun. There are concerts by local bands, go-go dancing on the bar and barmen shows. All visitors are also able to get on the bar and dance. The music is very mixed, featuring pop, house, Russian pop and whatever else people can dance to. Food is also served all night.


Soul Kitchen Bar (Lomonosova 1) - $$$

3-floors first home-designed bar in a historical center of Saint-Petersburg with english-speaking security and bartenders, 2 big bars and dance floors, a lot of home-made exclusive cocktails, fusion kitchen and hookahs. There are different style of music on dance floors: mash-up playing at the first (its open 7 days a week from 22:00 till the last guest), and the second is all about deep and tech house with a concerts of foreign musicians and tematic parties. They also have open kitchen where people can watch free masterclasses or do degustation. This is a tourist friendly place..


Ne bar (Liteyniy 57) - $$$$

This is a bar that everyone can get in to after an entrance fee (after 12) or reserve a table. There is two floors with a bar and tables on the first floor and a dance floor in the basement. The place is friendly to tourists and anyone else who pays a cover fee. Music is pop and house, food is also served. During the day it’s open as a café.

Summer Terraces: These clubs are usually opened around the beginning of June and stay open all summer. During this time many central hot spots close for the summer and most of the local clubbing crowd migrates to these open areas. The places tend to change names but their policy or design doesn’t. Most places are trying to get the most out of the three months they have so be prepared to spend a lot of money on drinks.

Royal Beach (Krestovskiy Ostrov, Ujnaya Doroga 14) - $$$$$ - Face control or 1000 Rubles entrance or reserve a table

To get to the place take a taxi and don’t forget about the bridges. There is always a chance of someone not getting in, so be prepared to pay money or walk around the island looking for other places. The club consists of a big dance floor, private tables area and outside area with access to a sandy beach area. The view doesn’t have much to it, just some newly built apartment complexes on the other side. The music played is Euro House. There is not much tourists in this club and there is a strong entrance policy of know someone, pay(sometimes) or hope you are picked. If ordering a table food is also served here.


Konnushenaya Ploshad Bars: Right in the center of the city, this area is heavily populated with tourists and locals having a good time. The bars here have no front door policy, although a cover charge is expected in many. Most of these places you will find English speaking staff and locals with overall friendliness to foreigners.

Achtung Baby (Konnushenaya Ploshad 2a) - $$

Excellent place to get drunk and forget everything. Very smoky unventilated place. If the place is packed security can refuse entrance for obvious reasons. Many foreigners enjoy coming here along with local girls eager to meet them. Cover charge expected.

Mod (Konnushenaya Ploshad 2) - $

Very cheap punk bar, here you will find all the people that could not get into other places. Many young people with local bands and small dance floor.

The other side (Bolshaya Konnushenaya 1) = $$

Located next to the other bars, this place is a little different. Having mostly older crowd this place is fully packed with expats. The place consists of 2 rooms and summer terrace when weather appropriate. During the day it works as a café and food is served all day and night here. No cover charge.

Other tourist friendly places: Rossi Club ( Ul Zotchego Rossi 1/3) - $$

Located very close to Nevskiy Prospect, this place has always been a heaven for tourists. With free champagne for girls on Thursdays and other such events, this place gets full with locals and tourists. The best time to visit is Thursday as weekends are sometimes too busy and lack of ventilation cause the place to be very hot and full of smoke. The place features local bands, pop music, and striptease dances about once every hour.

XXXX Bar (Zvenigorodskaya 9/11) - $$$

A very nice and friendly place to get drunk. Free entrance before 11 and 1000 rubles after (for guys). The bad parts are only lack of air conditioning and the fact that it sometimes gets very full. The good part is dancing on the bar, dancing on the tables, many foreign and local tourists. Music here is mostly pop.

Punch Club (Dumskaya st.4) - $$

A nice club with two dance halls - one is house and club, the other is kind of pop and sometimes is reserved for special parties, especially salsa ones. The music is quite nice, the interior is plausible - and it's right in the centre next to Gostiny dvor!

Cuba Libre bar (Sadovaya, 7-9-11)

A great place to meet with friends. It's opened 24/7. Every Friday and Saturday from 10 pm till 8 am DJs make you dance as you've never danced before (21+). Special offers are quite awesome (at 4 pm you pay for 1 drink and get 4). And also it's right in the center of the city!  

Other places that can be of interest are Metro, big three floors club on Ligovskiy Prospect 174 with various visitors and music and Griboedov (Voronejskaya 2a) and underground club with random people and foreigners, different music played and open almost every day.