Getting to Sochi is easy and convenient as you can fly in, take the train, or enjoy the scenery from arriving by ferry.

Regular flights from Moscow arrive in Sochi daily; the flight time is just two hours. Most major cities in Russia also serve Sochi, such as St. Petersburg.

Upon arrival at the  Sochi Adler Airport you must be ready to negotiate taxi prices into the city. There will be taxi drivers everywhere but, not all will be willing to take you for a reasonable price. Make sure to settle the price before you get in the car. The cost should be from $10 to $20 USD.

From Moscow you can also take a train, but beware that this is hardly the convenient and fast trip as flying. The train ride will be anywhere from 26 to 32 hours. Train routes exist between most Russian cities and Sochi so this can be the best way if you are in a smaller city without an airpot.

Arriving by ferry from Georgia or Turkey is possible on the ferry and hydrofoil. Only one of these has daily service, the ferry from Trabzon, Turkey to Sochi--but note that this is season specific.  The others only make the trip once to three times a week. A trip from Istanbul to Sochi aboard a ferry is about a 12 hour ride. 

Direct flights from Tel Aviv to Sochi operated by Nordavia boeing 737 . , every Tuesday arrive to Adler airport . Only 2 hours and 30 minutes flight !!! representatives in Tel Aviv "Phoenix Aviation " 03-516-4052