Taxis are abundant, and a great way to get around. While not luxurious, they are convenient, and available at almost all train stations, hotels, tourist spots, and along the roads. Fares are based on the meter, and any taxi without or refuse to use meter is illegal. Do keep in mind that fares are higher  from about 8 PM to is difficult to take cab in the rush time,but opposite in night. Many drivers do not speak English, so have your destination written down in Chinese beforehand. And always carry the name of your hotel written in Chinese, as well.

Renting a car is more difficult, and generally not advisable. Foreign driver’s licenses are not acceptable, crowds can be prohibitive, and roads are often difficult to navigate. Plus, traffic signals are displayed in Chinese characters, and lights are few and far between. You can, however, charter a taxi on an hourly basis, or hire a car and driver for the day. For more information, check with your hotel or CITS (China International Travel Service) office.