The Hangzhou nightlife is an active one and visitors will find that they can get a good taste of the local culture by venturing out at night to the bars and clubs and mingling with the people who live in the area.  The nightlife tends to be more populated with the younger Hangzhou crowd but there are plenty of people of most ages out throughout the night.

A good place for starting out is Hong Feng Jiu Ba, a place which offers something comparable to a western happy hour.  From there, travelers who want to go bar hopping should check out Nanshan Road which is where a good portion of the local bars are situated.

Travelers who are more interested in the club scene will want to go to Club Max, LA Disco or G Plus.  This is where the dancing takes place and the music keeps going throughout the night.  Many locals frequent these clubs so it is easy to meet people if you are outgoing, but appropriate, in your approach.

Travelers who are more interested in meeting other visitors than in mingling with the locals will want to check out the bars in the local hotels.  Another good option is to go to the Paradise Rock bar.

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