Anyone that wants to be well prepared for a trip overseas will often spend hours online researching their destination and locating useful information to enrich their visit.  Often these websites and links may only be found after trawling the various search engine results or forum responses.  To ensure everyone gets the best experience (even those without the time or inclination to research their holiday), this page lists a number of websites that will assist in preparing for a trip to Kyoto .

Travellers: please edit this page and add in any links that have proved useful in arranging your holiday. Please add a brief description of the page and also specify if the website is not in English. : bills itself as the ‘official’ Kyoto travel guide.  This website provides some great sample itineraries and also lists the 100 top attractions in the city, with some background details on each.  Also has two PDF documents including maps of the area and depicts where various temples/shrines are located. : official government website for the city of Kyoto . Gives some background information to the city itself (architecture etc) plus a link to the Kity City Tourism and Cultural Information System. : website for the printed Kyoto Visitors Guide. Gives information on ‘what’s happening’ in Kyoto and also provides details of accommodation in the city sorted in the various areas (north, east, central etc). : website that ranks the various temples/shrines in Kyoto – useful if you’re going to be there a short time and want to make sure you visit the most popular spots. : website that assists you in reserving a room at a traditional / modern ryokan (both in Kyoto and across Japan ).  Useful as some ryokans either don’t have English websites or do not speak sufficient English to book with directly. : website of the Japan Ryokan Association.  Gives information on the background and cultural etiquettes to staying at a ryokan and also lists the members of the association.

Websites for Maiko / Geiko transformations:

Hopefully this page proves useful.  If you find further information that aides you in your journey, come back and share it with others by editing this page.