Kyoto has its fair share of nightlife, and many of the locals know how to get down and have a good time. There are a lot of good bars and clubs to go to, as well as restaurants that stay open late into the night serving those who have been out drinking and need a place to fill up on some food before bed. One of the most popular streets for visit for nightlife is Kiyamachi. This street could be compared to a 42nd Street in New York, although much smaller by our standards. There are many good bars and clubs on this street, and many of the younger crowds hang out here. This is where you would want to be seen, for instance, if you wanted to look like a cool person in "the scene". There aren't just bars for going crazy though. There are also bars with a relaxed atmosphere, where you can come in just to enjoy a cocktail or sit and talk with friends and family. Kyoto has a large amount of Karaoke bars. The Karaoke bars in Japan are not like the ones in America though. Here, you get your own room with your friends and get charged by the hour, although the prices are pretty fair. Still, keep track on how much you are spending because you don't want to get the bill at the end of the night and see that you spent 1,000,000 Yen.