There are many choices for public transport.  It is easy and cheap.


The Hop On Hop Off Bus is a good way to get an overview of Kuala Lumpur, look at the Hop On Hop Off website for prices and schedules. The Hop On Hop off Bus is very tourist and children friendly. 

The local RapidKL ALL-DAY ticket which visits all the same places as the HOHO via various bus routes and more, like Batu Caves , although not in a circular route. Expect to pay 1myr for the the All-Day Local Bus, about about 2myr on the All-Day Trunk Bus or All-Day City Bus and 5myr for a All-Day Express Bus.  The ALL-DAY ticket will give unlimited rides on the routes in the same service (Local, Trunk, City or Express) for the whole day. 
Buy the tickets on the bus or visit the Rapid KL Website

Pick pocket

When getting on and off any local transport, especially when busy be aware of pick pockets


Trains, Monorail and Light Rail Transport LRT

The train system in KL is fairly modern and efficient. Many of the lines do not interconnect and there is limited integration between the lines.

The KL train system are: KL Monorail, Star LRT, Putra LRT, ERL and KTM Komuter. Then there is also the KLIA Express which goes non-stop between KL Sentral and Kuala Lumpur International Airport.KLIA1 and KLIA 2 (budget terminal) are now interconnected.

There are two trains service to the airport:

1. Non stop KLIA express

2. Klia transist (stops at few stations), for details  go to link:

 Commuter train,Mono rail and LRT

Tickets are fairly cheap, and is charged for the distance traveled. Tickets are bought from ticket booths or the machines at the station entrances. Frequent users may purchase cards which can be swiped at the ticket gates. Value can be added to these cards for later use.   Platforms are usually clearly marked with the direction the train is heading, as well as the information repeated on panels inside the train carriages. There are no timetables on platforms but trains run frequently.  The inside of the carriages are air-conditioned and clean. AT busy times, like any public transport system carriages can be busy. 

KL Sentral is the hub station on the network, but is quite easy to navigate as signs are clearly marked and bi-lingual (English and Bahasa Malaysia ). Most of the staff at the various counters speak basic English.

For a complete network chart of the trains, monorail and LRT information can be found on these links,


Touch 'n Go Travel Card for all RapidKL train and bus lines

Travelers who plan on commuting and travelling around the city a lot with the trains and buses can now opt to buy a Touch 'n Go Travel Card. This card is available for purchase at most train stations around the city center including KL Sentral, Masjid Jamek, KLCC, Dang Wangi, Ampang Park and Bangsar RapidKL Sales Counters. 

The card costs 10MYR and can have additional value added at anytime with a minimum of 10MYR. This card can be used as a daily travel card for all Rapid KL, NadiPUTRA, Ampang & Sri Petaling (formerly known as STAR Line), Kelana Jaya (formerly known as PUTRA Line), KTM Komuter, KL Monorail and Express Rail Link (ERL) lines.  Every time a traveler places the Touch 'n Go card on a RapidKL reader, the ticket value is deducted automatically in accordance to the fares of RapidKL’s All-Day Pass. You can enjoy unlimited rides on all RapidKL LRT and buses throughout the day with only 7MYR being deducted from this smartcard. It does solves not having to buy separate tickets for each journey. The Touch 'n Go Travel Card expires after 7 days from the purchasing day but it can be renewed easily at the RapidKL counters without extra charge.

For more information on this integrated travel system, please visit Putra LRT and Touch 'n Go


KTM Tanjung Pagar station (in Singapore) to move to Woodland by 1 July 2011

In a move that will come as a surprise to many following public transport, the Malaysian media are reporting that the KTM station in Tanjung Pagar, Singapore, will be relocated to the Woodlands Checkpoint on 1 July 2011.

Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad or KTMB 

Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad or KTMB is the national railway operator offering connections to most major cities in Peninsula Malaysia as well as Singapore and Thailand. Travelers who are interested in traveling wth the train between major cities and Singapore (Jungle Line, sleeper trains) can check for timetables and buy tickets from the  KTMB Website. Tickets can be purchased up to 60 days before travel dates but a user account (complimentary) needs to be set up before proceeding with the purchase . The website also offers coaches and seat selections. KTMB trains to/from Kuala Lumpur arrive and depart from the KL Sentral or Sentral Kuala Lumpur Station.  

For those traveling from Singapore , trains depart from the  new woodland checkpoint railway station as per  1 july 2011. If you are taking the MRT, the closest MRT station is woodland Then KTM operates three trains out of Singapore into KL, Express Rakyat (morning train), Sinaran Petang(afternoon) and Senandung Malam (night train). The train will arrive at KL Sentral.   Train Departing/Arriving  Schedule

  • Express Rakyat 0820/1540 (7hr 20mins)

  • Sinaran Petang 1300/2020 (7 hrs 20 mins)

  • Senandung Malam 2215/0708 (8 hrs 53 mins)


The Eastern and Oriental Express E&O Express

The E&O Express is THE way to experience a panoramic view of the mystical landscapes of Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia with its comfortable compartments, superb service and delicious cuisine. The E&O Express embarks from Singapore and travels through Kuala Lumpur Sentral, Butterworth, Bangkok and Chiang Mai or Vientiane . Travelers can choose their routes, choose their departure and destination stations; and purchase tickets through their Website .



Taxis should always use a meter. This does not apply to couponed taxis at KL Sentral or other areas with a taxi coupong system, such as the KL Bird Park, or for taxis / airport limousine because the prices are fixed. Any other taxi must and by regulation comply to using the meter. Before stepping into the taxi, always ask and confirm if they are going by the meter. If not, close the door and get another taxi. Flagfall rate for a standard taxi is 2MYR for the first kilometre then 10 sen for each additional 200 meters according to the meter.

It is better to ask for a 'neutral' places like shopping malls, shops, landmarks, train or monorail stations etc when telling them where you want to be take, rather than a 4 or 5* hotel.  So for example, to go to Ritz-Carlton, Westin, JW Marriott or Millennium Hotels as for the Pavillion Mall; Suria KLCC instead of  Mandarin Oriental or Traders Hotels; or Raja Chulan monorail station instead of Crowne Plaza or Istana hotels.   If you are heading to the Hilton or Le Meridien, then just ask to be taken to KL Sentral and most taxis will be glad to follow the meter and you can just get out at KL Sentral and take the lift upstairs. 

If visitors suspect that the meter has been tampered with or if the cab driver changes his mind about the fare; visitors are should call the toll-free hotline at 1 800 88 9600 and to lodge a complaint to the authorities. Note the taxi number (plate on back of vehicle and the registration number), pick-up and drop-off point as well as the time of pick-up and drop-off for the authorities, if you got to see the drivers badge note that number. Together with the cooperation of all visitors and authorities, the government hopes to tackle this problem and make the city a better place for all visitors.

Visitors who do not wish to haggle and bargain the whole time with taxi drivers can opt for travel with a train, monorail or to take a couponed fixed price taxi from KL Sentral. Expect to pay 10-15myr one way from KL Sentral to KLCC or Chinatown with a coupon cab. There is no need to tip the driver as he is already getting his cut from the 10-15MYR you paid at the counter. 

Visitors can rent a taxi to take them around the attractions and rent by the hour. The taxi driver will drop you off at your place of interest and wait until you are done and then proceed to another place. There are no fixed charges for this rate but do expect to pay between 15-25MYR per hour. Keep track on the time from which you first entered the cab to the time which you alighted so that there is no dispute over the charges. 

Touts operate in tourist areas.  Most touts take advantage of visitors during these hours blaming the absurd price to 'traffic jams' .

There are different taxis. Many luxury hotels have come up with their own Premier Cabs which are normally one colour and larger more comfortable vehicles.  These cabs costs more than the usual city cabs (red, green and yellow). Expect to pay 1myr per KM on the cost of a normal cab for these premier cabs. If you wish to take a normal cab, just ask your bellboy to order a normal cab for you. In most casses however, hotels give priority to their premier cabs and will only order a city cab if there are no premier cabs on the queue. In this case, walk outside the hotel and flag your own city cab down.

Not all taxi drivers are touts.   If you find a good one, take their number and use them during your stay

Most people prefer to hire a taxi rather than driving in Malaysia. Whilst there are budget taxis, most tourist prefer using the larger permier cars, they will always use their meter and you will not have to haggle. 

Premier Taxi meter starts RM6 and every km RM2.

Budget Taxi starts RM3 and every km RM1 


Travel to other places of interest

Genting Highlands:  Buses depart hourly from many locations in Kuala Lumpur including Puduraya, Pasarakyat and Kl Sentral. If you are departing from KL Sentral, purchase tickets from Level 2 before proceeding to the Ground floor bus stop. One way ticket is RM7.80 Adult. There is also a "Genting Package" which includes cable car ride, free admission to the Theme Parks OR free lunch at a designated Restaurant. Package ticket: Mon-Thurs RM31  Fri-Sun RM38.  Travel time was quoted at 1 hour, but in reality, from KL it took 1.5 hours to arrive at Genting. For more information on the bus schedules and other ways of getting to Genting Highlands, take a look at the Genting Website

Airport to Genting.

KLIA 1 and KLIA 2 to genting(to and fro)

There is bus service from KLIA 1 and KLIA 2 to genting directly.

Visit site for departure schedule