Although finding guidebooks specific to Male in order to help inform your itinerary is rather difficult, it is even harder to find a travel guide to the Maldives that neglects the country’s capital, which contains a third of its population.  Recommendations and suggestions from publications regarding Male and the Maldives will, therefore, probably have what you need to know before making your first trek to paradise

Male, Capital of the Maldives , by Adrian Neville, is a 125 page tract on the city that is, however, quite hard to find online and unlikely to be stocked at your local bookstore.

Perhaps a more practical suggestion would be Lonely Planet’s Maldives , authored by James Lyon and coming in at 176 pages.  Boasting tips on exploring Male, the book contains maps of reefs, resorts, and cities and recommends top spots for popular aquatic activities.

Maldives: Kingdom of a Thousand Isles by Andrew Forbes and Kevin Bishop is a 200-plus page tour of the area, replete with color photos and extensive detail of each island, the best hotels, and the artistic and dining highlights the country offers.

Finally, the Maldives Travel Pack put out by Globetrotter and written by Stefania Lamberti also describes Male’s most alluring aspects and advises on where to get a hotel, go out to eat, shop, and see marine life.

Just to recommend "DREAMING OF MALDIVES" 2nd edition 2008, the most up-to-date book with awesome photography that you can possible find out there.