There are three major places to party in Metro Manila = Makati City, Quezon City and Manila.

Makati City nightlife centers around the CBD Area flanked by Ayala Avenue, Makati Avenue and Pasong Tamo. To get there, tell your taxi driver to drop you on Greenbelt near the Church (or Landmark). You can also get on the MRT Station (traversing EDSA) and get off at Ayala Station, ask the security guard to direct you to Greenbelt or Glorietta. Glorietta is a mall complex that houses mostly shops and restaurants that one can go in/out of for the whole day. The mall is divided in sections that allow you to decide whether to go for international or local brands. Greenbelt is where most of the bars and restaurants are located, it has a wide selection of international, local and asian restaurants. The reasonably priced ones (e.g., U$7 per meal) would be restaurants near the Cinema row on the 3rd level. The restaurants on Greenbelts 5 and 2 are mostly on the ground floor facing the gardens. Partying in Makati is a dress up activity, a lot of establishments will require the following attire: no slippers/flip flops, no sleeveless shirts for men, etc. Aside from the commercial areas, Makati also has a short list of small/apartment type bars that are interesting to go to.

Manila City nighlife centers around the Malate area, this area represents the Manila of old with some buildings dating to the Spanish era (in fact some travellers will swear the whole area even smells old). The restaurants and bars would cover the two/three blocks outward from the Remedios Circle going towards Nakpil Road. Malate is artsy, bohemian, street-wise and noisy loud. It's an interesting hodge-podge of the classy and cheap. On Nakpil, one can choose to eat noddles for for less than a dollar with a peddler or spend thirty for paellas at Casa Armas.

Quezon City nightlife is in the Tandang Sora District, its very difficult for a traveller to get to QC without a local in tow. But not just any local, it should be someone who really knows the district. QC is the teenage/juvenile haven of Metro Manila, because of its close proximity to a number of large universities and television stations - QC has a host of interesting bars and restaurants peppering the the whole district. A lot of bands and local acts start their careers in this area playing in clubs and underground cafes.

Other places of note for partying are: Pasig City's Eastwood Area and Taguig City's The Fort. Both places you would need a taxi to bring you to and a local to point you to the right places. The local bars and restaurants typically have a flyer or small pamplet like Circuit or Sports, this are free magazines that give information on the party scenes - pick one up for an update.

Check out the following places when you visit.,

Makati - Absinthe, Vodka Bar, Zuni, Havanna, Bollywood, Tabu, Murphys, Padre Damaso, Spicy Fingers. Its good also to drop by C. Palanca St two blocks away from Greenbelt 1 there are a lot of restaurants on that street.

Manila - Havanna, Library, Bed Malate

Quezon City - Clowns, Club Dredd,

The Fort - Aubergine, Seventh high, High street

 Where should visitors go when the sun goes down in Manila?  Not back to the hotel, that’s for sure.  Here are some of the top picks for Manila nightlife:

  • Balibago may be a drive away but worth checking out because it offers extensive nightlife.  The biggest draw is Field Avenue which is a strip of go go clubs and adult entertainment spots enjoyed by travelers from all over the world.
  • Casinos can be found in some of Manila’s hotels.  Visitors can enjoy relatively inexpensive drinking, live entertainment, table games and slot machines.  The best of the casinos is located inside of the Hyatt Hotel. Others can be found at the Heritage hotel and the Manila Pavilion. Even better is the Casino at the Resorts World near the airport where the Marriot and the Maxim are - just across Terminal 3.
  • Roxas Boulevard is the street that people often find most attractive, in the fullest sense of the word. 
  • Divisoria Night Market is one of the oldest local shopping markets in the city, and around Christmas time runs until the wee hours.  It is one of the larger night markets in Asia, and is located in San Nicholas between the North Port and Chinatown.  Ideally travel with a local, and watch your bag as pickpockets are common.  Great for cheap running shoes, all manner of flea market treasures.  Taxi to Divisoria, or alternatively catch an MTR or LRT2 (light rail) to Recto station and then catch a jeepney to Divisoria if you are confident.
  • Marikina Riverpark is the perfect gimik area if you wanted to lounge, dine or bond with friends with the view of the famous Marikina river. Since the river was rehabilitated years back, it became the biggest park in a natural setting in the country today and at night, it turns into a gimikeros haven with different bars and restaurants lined along the river banks. 
  • Malate is still the most lively spot for nightlife. Two blocks in from Roxas Blvd. start from Malate Church down Remedios. On Remedios Street is Tia Maria with live music and opposite many small eateries with cheaper (and better) food. There is also Socialista a hip, youthful dance club with the latest  house music and a good crowd. Turn right on the corner of Adriatico and Remedios you find a branch of Cafe Havana and next to it a Bistro with a really good selection of Filipino food which is a bit more affordable then Café Adriatico (diagonally opposite from Café Havanna). Café Adriatico has nice selection of foods and is well known in the area. Follow along Remedios Circle and find a pleasant (but more expensive) Restaurant Guernica (named after the Picasso Painting) with imported beef and other specialities. If you stay on Adriatico and go along past the Café Adriatico you will find more spots with live music. BedRock is well known and a bit noisy with live band. If you are there on the weekend try "Unplugged" above the BedRock - if they are open the music is (a little) more quiet. Right beside Bedrock, you will find the Anthology, with a more mature crowd and an extensive selection of great music where you can request for music like classic rock which can date up to the 60's. Further along Adriatico you pass Starbucks (which is also the entrance to Malate Pensionne - a reliable and affordable place to stay while in Manila). A few meters further down the road you find three simple bars on the street (if they are still there). The best one is Koko's Nest with reasonable prices on drinks and a good selection of (cheap) and tasty foods. Sit down and you get a free view of the nightlife walking by - can't beat it. Wait for the street vendors to sell you snacks for about 10 pesos (€0.16) or even single cigarettes (if you can't afford the half pack or the full pack). A little further down the road you can branch of to the into Nakpil Street where you find a wine vendor (they have other spirits) and more live music and some of the gay bars and clubs in the area like BED Malate website Make your way back on Maria Orosa or J. Bocobo to find more food and live entertainment. If you did not go down Nakpil and are still on Adriatico, check out some of the beautiful "ladies" - makes sure you get what you really like ;-) because most of them are not female. Continue on Adriatico and at the corner of Pedro Gil you will find the re-built Robinson's Midtown Department Store and Mall with a good selection of New Stores and Restaurants. Bargains on cell phones and accessories and a food fair. If you do not go into the Mall have a look at the Gruppo Barbero (formerly Bruno's which is now in the Mall). A good barber shop with about 150 Pesos ((€2.50 for the haircut, but do not stop there! Get a scalp massage and a shave and let one of the ladies give you a manicure, pedicure and a facial (YES - do it, it is not only for girls). As part of the package you get a nice massage, or you can even ask for a full-body massage which is DECENT and relaxing. The 'full package' will not cost you more than 1,500-2,000 pesos which is still affordable ((€24.00-32.00 for 1 1/2- 2 hours of pampering). If you skip Bruno’s and walk past Salas Street you pass another entrance to the Mall on your right and at the corner of Sta.Monica find another simple Bar and Grill . Turn left to see the stalls on Sta. Monica and AVOID the Money changers unless you wish to be cheated. Turn right on Mabini and look for more live entertainment at Calle Cinco (also called C5) on the right and Cowboy Grill on the other side of the Road.