The Cikrikcilar Yukusu area of Ankara, also known as the "Weavers' Alley" is home to some of the city's best traditional shopping.  In this ancient market place, visitors can find real bargains on all types of hand-crafted items such as leather goods, hand-woven fabrics, and hand-made Turkish carpets.  Another of the city's large outdoor markets is Bakicilar Carsisi.  Once famous for the number of skilled metal smiths who sold their work there, this market's name means "baazar of copper smiths".  This market also sells many varieties of hand-crafted items including the metal and copper products which made it famous.  In addition, jewelry, clothing, and a large selection of local produce and food items can also be found there.

For a more 21st Century shopping experience, visitors can head to Ankara's Mall of Karum on Tunali Himli Avenue.  This mall is full of modern restaurants and shops, selling all types of designer clothing and other goods.

  List of the malls in Ankara :

  1. Ankamall
  2. Karum
  3. Cepa
  4. Armada
  5. Panora
  6. Optimum
  7. Galleria
  8. Arcadium
  9. A city
  10. Gordion
  11. Kent Park
  12. Anse (specialized in furnitures).
  13. kızılay alişveriş