The city of Ankara, like many places in Europe, is full of football fans, known in the United States as soccer.  The city is home to three teams, all members of the Turkish Premier Super League.  All three of Ankara's teams finished in the country's top 15 after the 2006 season.  One of Ankara's teams, Genclerbirligi , finished 5th in the country.  This team's name means "Young People United" in Turkish, and the team is well known for its youthful and talented players recruited from throughout Turkey, Europe, and Africa.  Many of this team's players have gone on to play on notable European national teams.

Finishing 7th in the county is Ankara's B.B. Ankaraspor team.  This club also has teams for a number of other sports under its organization, such a badminton, boxing, wrestling, and hockey.

Ankara's third soccer team, Ankaragucu , was originally located in Istanbul.  The team moved to Ankara in the 1920's after the Turks won their independence from the Ottomans.  In 2006 this team ranked 13th in the country.

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