What kind of shopping do you prefer? Modern Day or Old World? Cheap and Cheerful or Wallet Busting?


No matter what you're looking for, Bodrum has the answer.

Pedestrian Old Town Bazaar Estimated

Time: 2-3 hours

If you're visiting the Castle or walking nearby, you can't miss the Pedestrian shopping area that runs parallel to the row of restaurants and bars that line Kumbahce Bay. There's a mix of clothing, jewelry, Art and Craft Stalls, and souvenir shops to fit most tastes and budgets. At first this warren of shops can seem a little daunting, but wander up and down these pedestrian streets a couple of times, and you'll soon familiarize yourself with the location of your favourite shops.

Depending on the season, this shopping area can get packed and hot. But as these shops are open late into the evening, that's the best time to take a stroll and practice your haggling skills. And in the area near the Castle and Marina, you'll find a selection of art and craft stalls. There's also a good selection of Foreign Exchange services and ATM's in this area.


Bodrum Weekly Market

Estimated Time: 1-2 hours

Bodrum's indoor market is held twice a week, and is adjacent to the main Otogar (bus station).

VISIT TUESDAY: At Tuesday's Textile market the stalls consist of clothing, bags, bedding, towels and other household items. This is where you'll find the biggest selection of "genuine-fake" designer wear.

VISIT FRIDAY: On Friday's, this location hosts the main fruit and vegetable market (and there's a smaller fruit and vegetable market on Thursday's.)


Designer Wear at Bodrum Marina

Estimated Time: 1-2 hours

To the west of Bodrum Castle is Salmakis Bay, which is the location of Bodrum's Milta Marina Shopping Centre. Follow Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi (Street) to the west side of the bay, and there's a cluster of fashion, home decor and accessory shops running parallel to the Marina.

Were as the Bodrum Market is the place to head for fake designer wear, the Marina is where you should shop for actual designer wear. Here you'll find stores like Gant, Polo, Mudo, Nautica, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few.


Oasis Shopping Centre

Estimated Time: 2.5 hours (which includes transit times)

The Oasis Shopping Centre is the retail middle-ground between the designer wear available at the Marina, and the fakes on offer at the market. It's a modern shopping mall, with a selection of shops, restaurants and entertainment (cinema and bowling). While it's feasible to walk to Oasis from Bodrum town centre, the hill you have to climb makes it an ill-advised adventure. Instead, head to the Otogar and catch a dolmuş to the Oasis Shopping Centre.

You can board any dolmuş that heads west on the D330 (Bodrum-Turgutreis Yolu), which is basically most of them, except those heading towards Torba. If you're not sure which dolmuş to catch, just ask the driver if he stops at Oasis. It's about a 10-15 minute journey from the Otogar to Oasis.

Here you'll find Clothes shops, chemists, shoe shops, beauty shops (including a nail spa), gift shops, art galleries, and even an Apple Store.