There’s so much to do in Bodrum it is almost impossible to take it all in during your first visit. However, you will have a great time if you try! Here are the spots you can't miss if you have never been to Bodrum before and aren’t sure if you’re coming back.
  • Castle of St. Peter: As soon as you arrive you will see the silhouette of this castle, which is visible from almost every angle of Bodrum. St. Peter was originally used as a fortress, and its dungeons were frequently put to use by the various conquerors of Bodrum. (Bodrum means dungeon in Turkish.) Inside, check out the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, which chronicles the history of shipwrecks off the Turkish Coast.
  • Bodrum Harbor: The Aegean Sea is lovely all times of year, so make sure to take a walk along the coast or sit on a bench and enjoy the view. Townspeople tend to congregate here, so it’s perfect for people-watching. Also, you can reserve a boat or a boat tour at various stations along the harbor. Head down any of the side streets if you’re hungry: it’s a Bodrum tradition to extend dinner at restaurants for hours, drinking lots of wine and conversing.
  • Bodrum At Night: There’s no denying that this is a party town. The liveliest hour of Bodrum any day of the week is usually about three in the morning. Instead of trying to fight the noise and get some sleep, why not join the revelry? Bodrum’s Bar Street has discos with live music, drinks and dancing until the wee hours of the morning.