Mochalux Coffee & Tea Co. is at the corner of Bardin Rd. and Collins St., just right next to Chicken Express. This is one of the favorite places of the locals with free wi-Fi and very good coffee. They also have a big selection of black, green and herbal tea for those who can't have caffeine. The staff is so friendly that you could make yourself at home with their provided television, game-boards, magazines, etc. and keep yourself entertained with friends and family. One of the Batista revealed that the secret behind their good espresso is the timing and roasting of the coffee beans. This is a great recommendation to all travelers who get to stop by the Arlington area. Don't forget to check out their menu at : By the way, "Peanut Butter Cup" is very good, sounds strange, but once you had it, you'll have it again, because they use real peanut butter.