The new buildings in Manaus are mostly made out of concrete and the shapes are all modern. However, since this environment is so moist and tropical, it is hard to find the right medium that can last a long time in this weather. On the East side of the city is an industrial zone, where companies like Honda, Sharp, Coca-cola and Gillette have built factories. Manus also have a brand new airport which is the picture of modernity.

In the center of the city, there are still remanants of the older buildings that where built when the city leaders were intent on making Manaus the tropical version of Paris.  For instance, above the riverboat docks lies the public market that is covered with wrought-iron and stained glass. Ironically, this ornate building sells fresh meats and fish- not nearly as romantic as its structure indicates. Another example of this impressive architecture is the Palace of Justice which was built in 1900 and the Rio Negro Palace which was built between 1900 and 1910. Also, the Amazon theatre is an impressive gold-domed Opera House, which was built in 1896. It’s grandeur radiates from its walls.

However right outside the city limits are wood frame buildings and shanty-towns. There are also farms and simple frame-structures with clothes drying on fences.