The weather in Manaus remains almost the same throughout the year and visitors are forewarned that this weather is hot.  It is also humid, which means that travelers should expect to find themselves feeling sticky and warm throughout their stay in the area.  They should pack appropriately, planning to wear light, breathable clothing during any time of the year.  The average low temperature throughout the year is right around seventy degrees and the average high temperature is in the low nineties.

It can be said that Manaus has only two seasons, "Hot and wet" (summer/rain seazon december through may) and "hot and humid" (rest of the year. The summer (december through march) is generally colder due to the (almost) daily rainfall. Winter is much hotter and humid. In winter, day and night temperatures tend to differ less than during the summer. June through October marks the relative dry season in the area, with each month during that time averaging only eight to fifteen inches of rain.  During the rest of the year, average monthly rainfall is anywhere between twenty and forty inches. Summer rains usually only occur late in the afternoon or early at night. The saying "when it rains it pours" was definately invented with Manaus in mind. In just minutes the streets can flood with 4 inches of water. These rains generally only last for about 30 minutes or so.

Visitors who are able to make a trip to the area in the month of June should do so.  The rains have slowed down by this time, but the waters of the Amazon River are at their peak fill which is a beautiful sight to see.

For graphic information about average temperatures and rainfall in Manaus , see