To travel to Fortaleza in Brazil, you will need both a passport and a visa, no matter how long you intend to stay. You must obtain a visa at an embassy or consulate before entry into the country, as you will not be allowed in without this important document. You will also need these papers handy for any in-country flights. The vias must be used within 90 days of  its ithe date it was issued. In 2004, the Brazilian government began fingerprinting and photographing all US citizens upon arrival in accordance to the US-VISIT program. Minors traveling to Brazil must present written authorization to gain entry into the country.

Conveniently, the city of Fortaleza has its own airport (four floors of it), which opened in 1998. The Fortaleza International Airport Pinto Martins has all the modern amenities. The ground floor contains the arrival and departure gates, and the two top floors host a slew of restaurants, shops, cafes, and even a chapel.  Taxis and rental car agencies are located on the ground floor. The airport also has an international heliport.

You may also wish to take the bus, which is not far from the airport, to your Fortaleza destination. If you're arriving in Fortaleza on the ground from an in-country destination, the Expresso Guanabara bus service will get your there and back again. City buses will also pick you up outside the parking lot, which is on the basement level. Here is a convenient distance chart that will help you make decisions about transportation. 

You may not want to leave Fortaleza and its beautiful beaches, but when you do, be sure to arrive at the airport with plenty of time to get through customs if you have any items to declare.