Temperatures in Brasilia stay relatively constant throughout the year. Mostly average highs hover around 27 degrees C (80 F) and lows are around 17 C (60 F). Things are a little hotter in September when highs push 30 degrees C (86 F). In July, temperatures get a little cooler, when average lows settle around 55. These are only average temperatures, though, and aberrations can happen at any time of year. It could be cooler than normal in the summer, or warmer than normal in the winter. 

    What does change throughout the year is the amount of rainfall. Winters in Brasilia are especially dry. Only about 10mm of rain (less than half an inch) falls on average during each month of June, July and August. In the summer, on the other hand, the city gets wet. November, December and January see upwards of 250mm of  rain per month (almost ten inches). If you go during the summer, be prepared for wet weather.

    For a 5-day forecast of weather in Brasilia and for current conditions, click here