The rich history behind the area that Foz do Iguacu sits upon makes for some interesting reading. Better understanding the history and culture of this region in Southern Brazil which borders Argentina and Paraguay should definitely enhance your enjoyment and overall experience here. Or picking up a guide with some Portuguese phrases will equally aid you while here.

Starting with the beginning is always a good place, to get a base of the history behind Brazil, pick up what else but "The History of Brazil" by Robert M. Levine. If you are more interested in the cultural side of travel, you should enjoy "The Brazil Reader: History, Culture, Politics" also by Robert M. Levine or "The Brazilians" by Jospeh A. Page and " Culture Shock! Brazil"  by Volker Poelzl.

A good accompaniment to any foreign trip is a guide book and a language phrase book. You will find that English is used in the major tourist destinations but, Portuguese remains the official language and Spanish most of the workers' second. You can benefit from " Brazilian Portuguese: Lonely Planet Phrasebook" by Marcia Monje de Castro. For a useful guidebook try Fodor's, Lonely Planet, or Let's Go; Brazil guides.