You can do a lot of good shopping while you are in Buzios. A lot of the stores are small and sell specific specialty items. You can find a lot of good artwork in the town, as well as many rare antiques and other unique collectables. There is a lot of fashion in the town as well. Some stores sell very outlandish and eye-catching clothes, while others sell more traditional clothing. Some cool stores can be found at Totem Beach, where there are many clothing stores. You can find a lot of swim wear and beach clothing, but a lot of other clothes as well. Richards sells some high-end men's clothing, but even if you don't plan on buying anything it is still cool to go inside and take a look at all the fashions. Some other stores worth checking out are Farm, Cantao, Sandpiper, and Osklen. Those stores can be found on Rua das Pedras. You should also go to Tenda, which is a large store with tons of fashionable things. Many of the cooler styles of Brazilian clothing can be found in Tenda, so you should definitely go and check it out if you want to blend in a bit. You can also get a good amount of crafts and other souvenirs in the town as well. Anything from t-shirts to shot glasses and keychains can be bought almost anywhere in the town.