The main thing that everyone does in Buzios is go to the beach. That is basically what the town is known for. There are over 20 beautiful beaches that stretch across the town's coast, and this is the main attraction that everyone comes for. These are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and they will definitely be packed in the summer. Of course, even in the spring, winter, and fall, they will attract quite a large crowd. Buzios is actually one of the most expensive places in Brazil, so make sure you bring a lot of money with you. There are also a lot of celebrities who own homes in this town, so expect to see some swarms around the stars. This will also make it a bit harder to get into certain restaurants and bars or clubs. There are some museums and entertaining things to do besides the beach, but there isn't much. In reality, people come here simply to sit out on the sand and relax. You can do some fun water sports while you are on the beach, or make your own excursions, but generally speaking the life of the town revolves around the ocean.