Paraty is very well located in one of the most beautiful regions of Brazil. It's surrounded by the ocean water in one side and by the mountains of Bocaina National Park in the other. Many people come to Paraty looking for the historical and cultural scene that the city breathes, but there's a lot more to this region than one might think. With 60+ islands and 90+ beaches, exploring Paraty's coast comes to the fullest abort of a boat. You may do the traditional schooner tour or hire a smaller fisher's boat (adapted to tours) or charter a sailing yatch. Charters can take you as far as Ilha Grande, but you'll need some extra days for this task. Kayaking is also a very good way to explore the bay. Diving, Snorkeling, Stand Up Paddling (SUP) and Fishing add on the top of the sports list on the protected waters, but you'll find very good Surf in Trindade Beach, as well as Camburi, just south of the border of São Paulo (30km from Paraty). On the land there's plenty of trails to do. The Juatinga Eco-Reserve is a Peninsula that sticks out of the main highway (Rio-Santos BR101). This piece of land is still only populated by the fisherman communities. No power lines (eletric) get to this communities, enhancing the sensation of wilderness for those who endure the 3-4 days trek traversing the peninsula across some amazing deserted beaches and lush green hills. You'll also be able to paraglide, or just hire a bike to explore the dirt roads in quest of your own waterfall!