For a quick day trip, the small town, Embu, 27 kilometers outside of Sao Paulo, is a good place to relax and explore the fine arts of Brazil. Embu is known for its hand-made, creative arts; in fact, it has earned a reputation as an artists' retreat. The inhabitants of Embu do not have the same ‘go-go-go’ demeanor as Paulistas . Instead, they surround themselves with creativity and inspiration in order to create unique pieces of art. At any time of the week, artists will take the time to share with visitors the handicrafts they have created and discuss stories, legends and arts that relate to the art as well as the people of Sao Paulo. On Sunday, the streets are filled artists and their stalls, exhibiting unique sculptures and paintings. In addition, performance artists and musicians can be seen performing on the street sides as well. The town itself exhibits some quaint architecture, especially in their churches.

Outside Sao Paulo, there are also a few thermal spas, for instance Aguas de Lindoia. At these thermal baths, travelers can cool off or warm up in a refreshing, natural way.

However, the most popular relaxation spot for Paulistanos is going to the beach.   For instance, a beach called Litoral Norte (translated as the north shore), is particularily appealing to both locals and tourists. This beach has its one grouping of quaint beach-side hotels and barbeque cafes. A more luxury beach escape town is called Maresias.